2017: The Year In Review.

I’m proud of the stories The Fashion Plate Magazine (TFP) presented this year. TFP is a new publication, independent and strong, with a decisive message to support an equitable, free and democratic world for all people.

My vision for The Fashion Plate Magazine is to be the magazine that keeps you informed about what can impact your immediate health and safety in a positive or negative way.

In 2017, we brought you stories of fashion, art, culture and design. This post today is a year end summary of the most impactful stories we covered this year in The Fashion Plate. This look back proved to me that The Fashion Plate Magazine is on the right side of humanity.

Editor in chief Nichelle Cole in dress by Alberto Zambelli.

As Editor-In-Chief, I have committed to focus more on the people and things that influence our world – especially in the arenas of politics, art, fashion, culture, business and design. Each of these realms are connected and they work together to help propel our cultures forward, to propel humanity in an upward direction. But it is up to US to decide if it is who we are, and more importantly if it is what we want for our future and the future of humanity, our children and our Planet.

I’ve outlined 5 goals that speak to what The Fashion Plate Magazine will focus on in 2018, what we will do for You. And don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms! Follow us on Instagram for the latest on global influencers in World Culture, Twitter for what’s happening real time in politics that affect our planet, humanity and democracy, Facebook for what inspires and challenges us to believe in all that is good in the world, and coming soon we will have Pinterest for lifestyle tips and ideas to live life to the fullest and Snapchat for how we make it ALL happen through our continued personal connections with you!

See you next year!


2017 Year In Review Summary

The Year In Beauty!

Beauty was one of my favorite sections on The Fashion Plate Magazine in 2017.

There hasn’t been a more empowering or liberating time for women, in 2017, than beauty.  Women reclaimed their bodies, reclaimed stand-out elements that make up who they are, reclaimed their mental health and reclaimed their identity, thanks to enlightened and forward thinking influencers like – Winnie Harlow, a model with vitiligo, nominated for Model of the Year and Slick Woods’ whose queer style was a hit on Instagram. There was also Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine who inspired teens with her amazing self-esteem posts and Lena Waithe and her epic Emmy speech to the Queer and LGBTQIA community;  Tracee Ellis Ross’ passionate single ladies speech about loving herself; Hilary Clinton who raised the empowerment flag with “The Future Is Female”, Rihanna’s ’40 Shades of Beautiful’ message with Fenty beauty, and, every beauty blogger of every ethnicity in every shade who found their beauty just as they are.

Temp Cover
Reserve your copy of the first issue for 2018! Out in March!

The Pope’s speech was icing on the cake this year when he commended beauty vloggers for their work in pushing people to accept beauty within themselves. We hope in 2018 we will continue to see beautiful strides in humanity.

The Pope with beauty vloggers from around the world. | “You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle at least virtually. From that you can start taking a path of optimism and hope,” he said.

The Year In Politics! (Democracy Lost)

In December Prince Harry interviewed former President Barack Obama and we were reminded that the world is safer than it’s been in generations. (Remember, not too long ago 60 Million people died in global world wars). And while I know it doesn’t always feel safer, it’s true that the world is in a better place. The biggest change was the internet. We not only had much more access to information, we actually wanted to know what was happening in the world. And that knowledge raised questions, as it should, about how the global system operates especially how it impacted humanity. The internet and our access to the global community allowed us to exam how world wars happen and the benefits it had to a society. The exposure and scrutiny led to mobilized efforts and online and offline socialization that changed the way we thought, the way we shopped and our expectations of our elected officials. But now our democracy is under fire, this year the FCC rescinded net neutrality..

Too things like protecting the environment for the next generation in addition to protecting our basic right to free speech and communication was made vulnerable, and it reminded us that there is a greater need to review WHO sits in important political roles.

Net Neutrality
In 2017 the FCC voted to end #NetNeutrality Photo by Rawpixel.com

Speaking of politics this was a banner year for change in the 2017 elections, but we still have a LONG way to go before we start to see more accurate reflections of USA citizens in the United States government which is why 2018 will be a HUGE opportunity for political change. All 435 House of Representative seats and 33 of 100 Senate seats are up for reelection, and there are more women who’ve registered to run for office than in the nations entire history. The future is today and the fruits of our labor towards empowerment and equality are ripe for the picking!

Black women influence the vote! photo by Paulette Wooten

The scariest state of affairs for 2018 right now is Trump’s use of the DREAMERS as a bargaining chip for his Great Wall of Divide from MexicoOur #wcw Kamala Harris has been fighting tooth and nail against both. Also in the world of politics was the power of black women and teen voters who made headlines for pushing strong candidates forward and we expect 2018 to lead greater change.

We need a CLEAN DREAM act now!

The Year In Fashion! (Fashion Sacrificed)

Phoebe Philo’s exit at Celine this month changed the way we saw the fashion system as it has become clear that the fashion industry itself is changing direction. This wasn’t just a shift in aesthetics, it was a shift in ethics.

The largest sacrifices were to the environment and to people. In 2017 H&M ‘s poor factory environment caused a fire resulting in 21 deaths.  In addition there have been documented cases of fast fashion brands causing environmental pollution and big brands discovered using child labor and/or slave prison labor. This sparked my decision to create TFP Designers, fashion brands committed to clean fashion practices.

visual stories
TFP Designers: Anteprima

Another important movement in fashion was the #MeToo movement.  Bruce Weber made headlines in November 2017 after models courageously stepped forward to register sexual harassment claims against the powerful photographer. And I predict in 2018 the Model Alliance, an organization that champions the rights of models in the fashion industry, will become an important voice.

me too cover
The #MeToo Movement in 2017

The Year In Pop! 

Musicians changed the creative world this year.  They became more political and more focused on business enterprises. They successfully crossed the creative divide marketing themselves to sell products across industries.

Beyonce on her with Topshop

This did not translate into the film world. The star power of the movie celebrity dimmed as films tanked in Hollywood in 2017.  Will 2018 be a comeback year for Hollywood or should we expect more flops?

The Year In Art & Design! (The Nomadic Life Is Life.)

Small space living went from a movement to a way of life as millennials learned to live off smaller resources. An extreme case was the story of millennials that “time shared” a sofa in San Francisco!  This nomadic lifestyle and on-the-go mentality had a profound affect on the economy.

Evan Roth “Voices over the horizon” exhibition at The Armory Show” NYC

Auction houses like Christie’s took note of the trend as it effected art. The biggest news in 2017 was the sale of Jackie Kennedy’s watch to Kim Kardashian for $379,500 dollars and the sale of three pairs of Alexander McQueen shoes (expected to go for 15,000 a piece) for $295,000 to Lady Gaga. What does this mean? Millennial buyers interest in “art objects” carry nostalgic memories, that they can actually carry.

Estimate: $60,000 – $120,000 22nd December, 1969: Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Photo by David Cairns/Stringer/ Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Also of interest was the convergence of Art and Design. Art Basel saw a rise in art design that was beautiful and functional. And thanks to Instagram, Millennials went gaga for beautiful design spaces in the travel and food industry, as well as communal public spaces. This maybe the key to getting millennials back into the stores again!


The Year In Food! 

Vegans made huge strides in 2017 encouraging carnivores to go meatless. The vegan movement contributed to the rise in transitional foods that mirrored meat products. Unfortunately some of the options are chemically engineered, and some aren’t food-based products at all. And 2017 saw a lax in FDA regulations, thanks to Trump’s GOP administration, and videos surfaced on Facebook of vegetables injected with chemicals and treated with chemical dyes to appear more aesthetically pleasing to shoppers. This raised a red flag regarding the vegan movement.

Avant Garden, a small place just off Tompkins Square Park in NYC’s East Village, owned by cocktail magnate Ravi DeRossi, a vegan most of his life.

I am not vegan or vegetarian nor am I against vegan as a food lifestyle choice. I believe plant-based meals and meat-based meals both offer great benefits.

The polarization of veganism and the increase in genetically-engineered foods in society is something we will examine closely on The Fashion Plate Magazine- the pros and the cons, of course.

Global Influencers, Former President Barack Obama with Prince Harry

Every single topic I’ve discussed I was able to follow on social media. And I have to stress again why regulations like net neutrality are so important. Too I’ve come to learn in 2018 online and offline mobilization will be important. And here is what I plan to do about it.

My Goals for The Fashion Plate 2018

Mobilize in 2018: TFP to focus on grass roots organizations for more women and diversity in government and to encourage teen voters for the December 6, 2018 election.

Natural Food Sources, How it’s made – TFP to focus on safe and healthy food lifestyles for you and the environment.

TFPDesigners to promote clean fashion design: TFP to focus on designers whose works inspire and whose works show creativity, ethics and ingenuity in fashion.

Art & design in the Millennial Age – Designs that pay attention to both aesthetics and purpose/ function for the mobile millennial.

Beauty & Health to promote self esteem: TFP to focus on mental health and self confidence because to control what happens in your life starts with the love you have for yourself.

Drop us a line and let us know if there is something you’d like for us to focus on as well!

Happy New Year!

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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