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Topics Trending The TFP Office: The Awesome New Comedy Film From China.

This trailer sparked rounds of views and laughter at TFP HQ.

As economists question whether China will take over the world, especially as the United States continues to roll back progressive legislature and sink it’s working population into debt, we say Hollywood should ask whether China will take over the film world.

The conversation of the China movie market instigated after someone at the TFP headquarters asked, “have you seen the awesome new comedy film trailer from China?”. The question led to rounds of views and laughter at the conference table, lots of anecdotes, and a discussion of the last time we saw a simple, funny, cool movie released from Los Angeles.

Then all we heard were crickets.

Watch the trailer for Yao Ling Ling (The Monster’s Bell) cast with China’s comedic glitterati, starred with and directed by Sandra Ng.

Our cover photo features Ng, right, with singer Sammi Cheng at the premiere in Hong Kong on December 27th.

What was your favorite comedy film of 2017? Drop a comment in the section below!

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