18 Awesomely Cool Answers From Prince Harry’s Podcast Interview With Barack Obama.

BBC Radio hosts a monthly podcast show that features political influencers opposite guest interviewers to examine the thinking of the people who shape our world. Yesterday Prince Harry interviewed former U.S. President Barack Obama about his time in and now out of the white house. We summed up the conversation in 18 awesomely cool answers from the beloved activists, husband, father and former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

  1. He is still motivated to make sure the United States and the world is a place where kids are able to get an education.
  2. He cares about conserving the resources of our planet for the next generation.
  3. He describes being a grown man as “settled, being a parent and having changed diapers (or nappies as the British call it apparently).
  4. He thanked Michelle for being his partner through this process (President of the Unites States).
  5. He described Michelle as a spectacular and warm woman, and she is funny.
  6. At the end of his second term he and Michelle came out of the white house like they went in, and she is still his best friend.
  7. After he left the White House his world was still the same – his relationship with his friends and family was strong and his values were still in tact.
  8. His New Years Resolution is to try “each day to do better than before”.
  9. One of his greatest achievements was getting 20 million people health care, he feels good knowing they are living better, healthier lives.
  10. Not knowing his father had a profound affect on him.
  11. He wants to focus on building leadership in young people who need a second chance.
  12. He does not agree with the negative assumptions made about the Millennials.
  13. He contributes Millennials and small grassroots organizations for his many wins while holding office.
  14. He stressed the importance of online and offline socialization to effect change.
  15. He misses being able to respond to big crises like what is happeing in Puerto Rico.
  16. He intends to focus the next 20 years on Climate Change which causes the accelerated force of hurricanes like what happened in Puerto Rico.
  17. He misses avoiding traffic, now he sits in traffic.
  18. He believes you must feel deeply about people in the position of President, or your shouldn’t be in it.

The podcast can be heard below.

barack and harry

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