These Creatives Photograph Experimental Art Furnishings Because, Why Not?

In Paris a creative collective known as Services Généraux, constituted in 2016, began to photograph art objects for no reason other than they love design. Services Généraux are image makers who constantly research experimental projects in history and then reproduce, photograph or film the designs.

Last year their work caught the attention of the Y/Project who commissioned Services Généraux to create a Y/Project installation at their boutique in Dover Street Market Beijing.

This month Services Généraux launched a new collection of manifest objects called « Autoportrait ». Autoportrait is a way for Services Généraux to introduce themselves to the broader design community. The collection is an assortment of nine pieces of furniture, obsessions of the enigmatic collective, diverse in material, shape and process. Each one of the objects are different in technical, artistic and aesthetic thought, but together the objects are a self-portrait of Services Généraux’s creative identity.

The figurative chair below is an experimental design created in wood and ceramic. The  lounge chair has only three legs, and the back and seat feature a romantic landscape encased in a glossy ceramic engobed. It is a highly conceptual piece that speaks to the tradition and beauty of design.

The Fashion Plate
“Autoportrait”, Collection 001 by Services Généraux.

The Self-portrait, Collection 001 by Services Généraux is currently on display in Paris. It is free to the public. You can find the exhibition open from 6pm to 11pm, at 14, rue Portefoin, 75003 Paris. For more information visit the website:

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