Before The Show: Interview With Designer Daizy Shely.

Daizy Shely has done a lot in her young life. She is a graduate from the famous Instituto Marangoni Milano, a well respected fashion education institution in Milan. Shortly after graduation in 2014 she won Vogue Italia’s “Who Is On Next” title, a contest created to find the next “IT” fashion designer.

The Fashion Plate
Daizy Shely looks from Vogue Italia’s Who Is On Next contest.

The following year Giorgio Armani chose the budding designer to show her SS16 collection at his Armani Theatre. Armani only chooses one designer per season. It is his contribution to ensure Milan Fashion Week has the best new talent in the pipeline.

The Fashion Plate
Daizy Shely SS16 collection shown at the Armani Teatro in Milan. (photo by ©Nicolò Parsenziani)

Exactly one year later the young beauty joins the official Milan Fashion Week calendar to present her SS17 collection and she has been on the calendar ever since.

The Fashion Plate
Daizy Shely SS19

Before her new Spring/ Summer 2019 catwalk show during Milan Fashion Week I went backstage to interview Daizy Shely and to find out more about the brand.

NC:  Your brand attracts young people. Why do you think you connect so well to a young consumer?

DS –I think it is the way I put myself into the collection naturally. I try to put my personal topics inside the collection. (In my work) I’m talking about everything, and today the young generation is so rude. And that can be a little way to enter into them.  I’m very shy in my personal life but in my work I want to be a little more rude.

The Fashion Plate
Daizy Shely SS19

When people see me and then they see the collection they always say we didn’t know you were like this – but in the collection I’m daring, I’m rude. This is the only place I have this courage because in the other part of my life I am not like this.

NC – In terms of design, would you describe yourself as traditional?

DS – I am not seeing myself as a traditional designer. Also because um, like I was never the perfect student. I was the worse.  The teacher hated me because I never listened. So I am sure I was also a very bad designer in the beginning because, ok, if no one is going to understand what I am trying to say the confidence takes time to arrive.

I am unique in that thing; that I think differently. Maybe this is what brought me here in the end.

The Fashion Plate
Daizy Shely SS19

NC – What was your muse this season?

DS – All people ask me about this. This time I do not have one story about the collection, one blog one, one inspiration but it’s like I put a little bit of everything I love about fashion inside this season. I think its because I’m having so many changes in my personal life, I was so frightened. So I took all of this kind of emotional period and I put all my emotions, all the colors I felt, all the texture, all of what I am feeling – if it was happiness or being afraid of all the changes, and I put it all in there (in the clothes). This collection is everything I love personally.

The Fashion Plate
Daizy Shely SS19

NC – What are the key pieces, the items you loved most that you “put it all in”?

DS – I have one or two pieces I really love. One, two, three pieces, maybe a bit more (laughs) that I really love because they are dresses which you put on your body and they are a little bit like a second skin. They are a bit transparent, and I love them because they mix with the shape of the woman. It is not only the dress, it is the woman with the dress, like giving her a second skin. And that is one of my favorites because I love that it is so feminine, and it is giving to the dress much more than what is on the hanger.

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