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Watch This Playful Fashion Film About The Girl Inside Every Woman

French fashion house Jacquemus fashion film  “La femme enfant”  is a very French idea of a woman who never quite left childhood behind. You couldn’t quite tell whether she is a girl, a woman, or a girl trying to be a woman.

La femme enfant was the inspiration behind my Fall/ Winter collection. I’m quite obsessed with the idea of childhood, the fun, the playfulness, the carelessness… and I think it always shows in my collections; but this season, as I was designing, I started to imaginethis story about a young femme enfant who lives like children live: she plays, she draws, she eats…

and I translated all that into the naïve shapes, the colour contrasts and the oversized graphic shapes of the collection. And, since the collection started with a story, it quite naturally turned into a short film” – Simon Porte Jacquemus (Designer).


Filmed by – Bertrand Le Pluard
Model – Georgia Graham

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