Before The Catwalk: Interview With Simonetta Ravizza.

Simonetta Ravissa (photo: courtesy)

Designer Simonetta Ravizza uses some of the most complex design techniques in the world of fashion. It isn’t easily perceptible because she intentionally makes each look appear playful and breezy.

The Fashion Plate
Simonetta Ravizza Spring 2018

This is thanks to generations of Italian construction techniques, proven heritage shapes, and a family legacy that fronts the brand’s knowledge in precious and sometimes fragile materials for clothing design.

The Fashion Plate
Simonetta Ravizza Fall 2018

I sat down with the Simonetta Ravizza before her Spring 2019 catwalk show to try and catch a glimpse into what her brand will offer this season.

Nichelle: In your opinion what are the biggest or most important trends happening in the fashion industry?

Simonetta: The most important trend happening right now in the fashion world is the sport trend, in particular sport attire with chic touches: “Sport Couture”.

Nichelle: How do you see incorporating important fashion trends into your latest collection for SS19?

Simonetta: The Spring Summer 19 collection that I will present during this Milan Fashion Week is a mix of feminine couture and sport, with a common element: marabù.

Nichelle: You use fur as a precious textile in your collections. Do you ever see a world where fur is banned from use in fashion? And if so, what types of materials might you evolve toward?

Simonetta: I think that not all kinds of fur will be banned. There will be, as there are now, endangered species. Like in everything, we must use common sense and be respectful towards the natural world in general.

I will use “friendly-furs”: Mongolian fur, lamb, goat and Orylag fur. In fact, Simonetta Ravizza is not just fur, it’s a total look: fabrics, silks, suede, and denim!

Nichelle: As the digital world gets incorporated into fashion via wearable tech and high performance fabrics do you see adding more sport pieces to your line that will attract those consumers?

Simonetta: My Spring Summer 19 collection is actually a real ‘tech-collection’, a “techni-couture”. I have used a lot of technical fabrics. It is the perfect sporty look – chic and feminine.

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