The Future Is Flashy Tech: Introducing The GMXZ Self-Sustaining Raincoat.

GMXZ Raincoat (photo: courtesy)

You might recall in 2015 Pharrell Williams had a major style moment on the red carpet. Not the Vivienne Westwood hat, that was 2014, in 2015 the N.E.R.D star wore a two piece khaki suit in 3M reflective fabric that turned white when photographed with a flash.

The Fashion Plate
Pharrell Williams at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

The look met with mixed reviews, in many circles it was perceived as the right idea in the wrong style.

Flash forward to today, fashion label Xander Zhou and Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster may have found the right style for this tech fabric. The two major labels collaborated on a new raincoat which features a detachable hood, a sealed phone pocket, a removable scarf and the special 3M reflective fabric.

The Fashion Plate
The GMXZ Raincoat by Xander Zhou x Gentle Monster

Similar to Pharrell’s fashion tech, when the raincoat is hit with a flash of light the reflective fabric glows.

The Fashion Plate
GMXZ Raincoat

The GMXZ raincoat is detailed with a special Xander Zhou x Gentle Monster logo. It comes in onesize and is made of a water-resistant, self-sustaining material.

The Fashion Plate
The GMXZ Raincoat by Xander Zhou x Gentle Monster.
The Fashion Plate
The GMXZ Raincoat by Xander Zhou x Gentle Monster.

What do you think of the new GMXZ Raincoat? Drop a line in the section below.

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