Nicopanda SS19 Taps Into The Bold & Experimental Bushwick Scene.

Nicopanda delivered riches for SS19 – rich color, rich fabrics, rich design – rich, rich, rich – and by rich I mean IN EXCESS. Nicola Formichetti did not skimp out on big, bold, rich DRAMA! It is the collection every queen will want to wear in the fashionable and experimental Bushwick scene.

The Fashion Plate
Nicopanda SS19

Nicopanda’s natural-tinted, leopard print great coat with matching blue trousers will be snatched by expressive but serious art critics typically seen arguing over fine points at Maria’s Crisis.

The woke and gender non-conforming activists in Greenwich Village who lead the charge and walk in protest will gravitate towards the green peace tees and athleisure cyclings pants.


With social media and the impact of fashion we can really tackle some of the negative problems around the world

-Nicola Formichetti

The Fashion Plate
Nicopanda SS19

The collection works when he goes over the top letting our fearless artists and change makers be seen, a few pedestrian looks like the Barbie-pink puffer coats and Amazon-ready, see-now-buy-now tees should have been edited out.

What do you think of the new collection? Drop a comment in the section below.

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