First Look: Luar SS19.

Luar Spring 2019 (photo: courtesy)
Written by Lucas Pantoja

Punk, altered, dynamic, white

Luar Spring Summer 2019 succeeded in creating a dark mood while not using any dark colors. Never expecting something simple from a brand like Luar their most recent Spring/Summer 2019 collection did keep it concise in the color palette but unique in the constructions with the entire collection presented in white except one look with a biblical painting printed on it.

The Fashion Plate
Luar SS19

Showcasing geometrical tailoring and precise cuts, Luar delivers courageous looks expressing not only what Luar is feeling currently but what a lot of women are as well.

The Fashion Plate
Luar SS19

Whilst analyzing the collection one can concur that Luar has different intentions than just “trends”, there are sprouts of luxury with hints of high fashion and punk from the styling, to the garments themselves.

The Fashion Plate
Luar SS19

From dauntless and see through prints to the most unconventional of silhouettes, the looks are the right combination of extraterrestrial and earthly.

Whether at a music festival or an art exhibition these alternative white garments from Luar Spring/Summer 2019 would be a tasteful choice.

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