Earthly Jewels.

High jewelry studios today look beyond precious metals and gemstones to source for designs. Principle objects for luxurious bespoke jewels are as diverse as meteorite pieces, ‘Druzy’ crystals, marine elements and sometimes literal fragments of history.  The result, is highly unusual, individual pieces that express nature at its finest.

The earthly jewels below are a treasure chest of lesser-used materials. Items like mammoth ivory is soon to become illegal in the fight against elephant poaching while gold dipped beetles are an ancient tradition likely to live on.

Here are 33 earthly jewelry designs unlike anything you’ve seen before.

#1. Precious

Most of these materials are rare or controversial. The Lito beetles are real insects. The design comes from an ancient tradition, Egyptian soldiers commonly wore scarab beetles into battle as the beetles were considered to have supernatural powers of protection.


#2 Fragile

The orchid petal earrings by Silvia Furmanovich are carefully made from live flowers.


#3 Star Crossed

The Monique Pean ‘Lahnse’ ring is made from fragments of meteorite striped on impact with the earth that she set simply with a ring of diamonds.


#4 Repurposed

Peet Dullaert sources red iridescent Abalone shells to design his limited edition jewelry line.


#5 Recycled

Legacy Collection recycled remains of the historic ‘Robben Island Prison Fence’, that once surrounded Mandela and other leaders of the Apartheid struggle, to create their necklaces.


#6 Organic

Designer Céline d’Aoust hopes to make organic mineral stones like tourmaline the new precious gemstone.


#7 Reimagined

Italy’s Boucher continues the tradition of carving sculpture out of marble but scaled down to artful jewelry.


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COVER IMAGE: Jewelry Design Harumi Klossowska de Rola (COURTESY PHOTO).

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