Guess What! Monique Pean’s CFDA Award Winning Jewelry Designs Are Sustainable.



Monique Péan fine jewelry is proof that beautiful baubles can be stunning and sustainable. Monique’s unique outlook on life and design has afforded her accolades and awards the world over, in addition to creating pieces that are innovative, refined, and sustainable proceeds from Monique Péan sales contribute to global philanthropic organizations, which provide clean drinking water and basic sanitation to people in developing nations.

As the premier environmentally friendly fine jewelry brand, Monique Péan is known for her one-of-a-kind pieces, avant-garde style and unique materials, including fossilized walrus ivory and fossilized dinosaur bone.  The designer uses environmentally responsible procedures to source all of her materials, and uses 18 carat recycled gold and platinum, conflict and devastation free precious stones, diamonds and fossils, which are gathered with no mining involved.

Each piece of Monique Péan’s jewelry is handmade by skilled craftsmen in New York and around the globe. The Washington D.C. born, Boston based designer is committed to partnering with artisans around the world to support traditional craftsmanship, and works with artisans in areas including the Arctic Circle, Colombia, French Polynesia, Guatemala, Peru and the Philippines.


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  2. […] Take a look at Monique Pean’s award winning jewelry line  – Read More […]

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