Do I Really Need To “Decant” My Wine?

I’ll admit it. I rarely let my bottle of wine breathe before pouring and I certainly don’t decant it. I barely put the cork back. Wine rarely lasts in my household, two friends and a bottle of wine is just another Monday night. So when I took a look at the new Decanter bottle by celebrated designer Karim Rashid for Stratus Vineyards I thought, why would I waste the time?  The second thought I had was, what exactly is decanting anyway?

Well, they showed me.

Ok, simply put, it means transferring (decanting) the contents of a wine bottle into another receptacle (the decanter) before serving. I’ll admit it sounds silly pouring wine from one vessel into another, but it actually tastes better.

So, do you need a special decanter for this? Well no, but there is a reason that the Karim Rashid for Stratus Vineyards decanter works so well. The design (a contemporary piece of art on it’s own) is built around the age old function of decanting.

“I wanted to create an iconic bottle that metaphorically deconstructs the traditional bottle while adding functionality,” said Karim.

Deconstructed wine bottle decanter designed by Karim Rashid for Stratus Winery

“I‘m very proud of the bottle.”

The sculptural design is made up of three angular blocks, with a more traditional head and neck on top. The middle, larger section shifts in the opposite direction to the sections above and below to create a handle for holding and pouring the wine. When you pour wine into the decanter, the resulting agitation causes the wine to mix with oxygen, enabling it to develop and come to life at an accelerated pace (this is particularly important for younger wine).

The edges of the black glass bottle also serve another purpose: catching the sediment of the unfiltered wine. Decanting allows wine (particularly older wine) to separate from its sediment, which, if left mixed in with the wine, will impart a very noticeable bitter, astringent flavor.

So basically, the Karim Rashid decanter is just better than any other decanter out there.

“The wine industry has always been so conservative and really very reluctant to make a change.” Rashid said, “And this proves that all archetypes need to be revisited, even more so, in the 21st Century.”

Decanter designed by Karim Rashid for Stratus Winery

The Decant wine bottle retails at $75. The launch of the bottle will take place at the Teknion showroom in New York as part of the NYCxDesign festival taking place in the city from May 3rd to 24th 2017. Go check it out!

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