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A Third Model Accuses Photographer Bruce Weber Of Sexual Harassment.

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A Third Model Accuses Photographer Bruce Weber Of Sexual Harassment.

Last month, model Jason Boyce filed a lawsuit against Bruce Weber, claiming the photographer sexually harassed him in 2014. In early December another model, Mark Ricketson, also broke his silence and detailed new allegations of sexual harassment against Weber. Alexander Kjellevik is now the third model to come forward to accuse fashion photographer Bruce Weber of sexual harassment.

Models Jason Boyce and Mark Ricketson have filed a lawsuit against Weber, claiming the photographer sexually harassed them. In early December the two took part in a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom.

This week Diet Prada, the no-mercy Instagram handle that calls out injustices in the fashion industry, broke the news in their Instagram stories that Alexander Kjellevik posted a detailed account of sexual harassment by Bruce Weber. Also of note by Diet Prada was how the fashion industry was responding amidst the claims.

The new claims by Kjellevik are written in eight Instagram posts and tell of the degrading experience he had with Weber. Each post features an image from the period of the harrassment, some of the images were taken by Bruce Weber of the model.

Surprisingly, there has not been any press coverage outside of Diet Prada about Alexander Kjellevik’s sexual harassment accusations which he claimed happened in 2011 (the statute of limitations to press charges for sex felony’s in New York is 5 years).  Nor have the models Jason Boyce or Mark Ricketson who’ve filed charges against Weber released a statement to acknowledge Kjellevik’s claims.

This hasn’t stopped Alexander Kjellevik from continuing to speak out saying “what I care about, are the hundreds of young men who had to go through this abuse, and sharing my story, 100% raw and true will hopefully prevent this man from continuing abuse.”

The 71-year-old Weber, who worked for Vogue and helped forge the image of  brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch, is the second major fashion photographer accused of sexual misconduct this year.

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