Replace That Fanny Pack With This Chic Hand Bag.

Benedetta Bruzziches hand bag (photo: Benedetta Bruzziches)

During the Summer 2017 logo craze, the Balenciaga, Off-White and Gucci fanny pack replaced most classic daytime purses worn about town, and evening bags disappeared entirely. But as the logo blitz simmers down, influencers have begun to search for the next big bag design to wow their fans. And we might have found it.

This week on The Plug we feature the Benedetta Bruzziches ultra-chic, hand-crafted clutch bag and the design inspiration. Also, we’ve included the brand’s stunning 2019 collection.


The Benedetta Bruzziches clutch is hand formed from plexiglass, features a jeweled or brass clasp, and a removable silk satin lining.

Benedetta Bruzziches clutch bag (photo: courtesy)

The unique art-like pieces are crafted in Italy, carved in 3-D, and hand polished.

The eye-catching purses are unique enough for the mature market and cool enough for celebrity influencers.

Model in Les Copains with a Benedetta Bruzziches clutch (Image: ©The Fashion Plate)
Model in Les Copains suit holding a Benedetta Bruzziches plexiglass clutch. (Image: ©The Fashion Plate)

Designer Benedetta Bruzziches says she is inspired by the sensuality of Bridget Bardot and the artistic brilliance of Justin Bradshaw.

Her clutch bags denote their sensuality and charm, and act as a powerful magnet to the eyes.

“This is a bag that when you carry it in your hand, it forces you to have a certain type of posture.” -Benedetta Bruzziches

Ariadne Painting by Justin Bradshaw (photo: courtesy)
Ariadne Painting by Justin Bradshaw (photo: courtesy)


Below, take a look at the full Benedetta Bruzziches spring/ summer 2019 Collection. And don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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