A Green Future: Organic Spaces In Wood.

The conceptual stage of design is unanimously regarded as the most crucial primarily because it’s at this point designers can effect the greatest change. So when it comes to sustainability, a topic that has taken on global awareness, designers perceive sustainable methods as a contemporary criteria to future design and an opportunity to create something better that stacks atop traditional design.

Collaborating with clients across the globe to achieve innovative, interdisciplinary, and sustainable design solutions honor the broader goals of society.

Karim Rashid

In fact for designers like Karim Rashid, an impeccably cosmopolitan, half-Egyptian, half-English, Canada-bred, student of Italian design now residing in New York, design innovation and sustainable design are a way of life. Karim has designed over 4000 projects – from eco-furniture to 100% plant-based shoes, from Grobal, a self-watering planter system, to Bobbel, a self-filtering water bottle.

The Fashion Plate
Designer Karim Rashid (photo: Alex Ulreich)

What started as a challenge some time ago, rethinking the relationship between humans and design, and humans and the environment, has become a passion. And it led Karim to his latest interiors project with the new HILL8 residential condominiums.

The Fashion Plate
Rendered Image of Hill8 Condominiums. Interiors designed by Karim Rashid (photo: courtesy of Karim Rashid)

The interiors program is one of his most organic and supports improving our environment from the start of production and throughout the life cycle of the buildings.

On the new project Karim shared:

“HILL8 will emerge as a pinnacle of renewable and eco-friendly metropolitan efforts. The interiors will be fluid and organic, taking cues from nature to create a serene, comfortable environment for future living.”

Karim Rashid


HILL8 explores organic spaces in wood. It is composed of progressive forms with an intimate, warm palette. HILL8 comprises 295 units within a 408,888 sq. ft. total building area.

The luxury condominiums are built according to green standard sourcing, recycled terrazzo flooring, carpet with low VOC, as well as zero VOC paint and reclaimed wood veneer wall panels.

HILL8 has already been marked for a best eco-design project nomination in Europe. Currently it is under construction in Alexeyevsky District, Moscow and set to open by the end of 2020.

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