Buying A Mother Of Pearl Velvet Cushion Gives A Young Homeless Person A Safe Night’s Sleep.

Mother of Pearl interior design collection. (2018)

This summer Mother of Pearl, an eco-friendly sustainability brand based out of London, launched an interiors collection comprised of luxury velvet cushions, round printed pouffes and soft silk quilts in signature Mother of Pearl prints.

The Fashion Plate
Mother of Pearl interior design collection shot on the British seaside.

The cushions would appeal to fans who love rich, glittering textures and films like Marie Antoinette. Imagine lying your head on a plush cushion perched on top of a chaise.

The Fashion Plate
Marie Antoinette the movie starring Kirsten Dunst.

All fantasy aside, Mother of Pearl is trying to spread the word about their new interiors line AND do some good. If you go to a Mother of Pearl store now and buy a velvet-y cushion and have it monogrammed a portion of the funds will go towards providing shelter to a young homeless person for a night.

There are about 35,000¹ young people in homeless accommodation at any one time across Britain and the numbers are increasing. And the death rate of the homeless has doubled² in the last five years with an average life expectancy of 43 years.

These figures are a devastating reminder that rough sleeping is beyond dangerous – it’s deadly, and it’s claiming more and more lives each year.²

Matthew Downie, of the homeless charity Crisis

We know buying a cushion for a safe night’s sleep won’t solve the problem but it can help buy some time until we have a better, more permanent solution. To find out more about Mother of Pearl’s new interior line and their support for those in crisis check out their website.

¹ The Independent, ‘Number of young homeless people in Britain is ‘more than three times the official figures’ (2015)
² ³ The Guardian, ‘Deaths of UK homeless people more than double in five years.’ (2018)

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