Parsons, F.I.T. and Columbia’s New Workshop Teaches How To Breathe New Life Into Old Clothes.

The Fashion Plate
An immersive and interactive sustainable art & fashion pop-up exhibition called ‘Up Down’ in NYC.

Parsons, F.I.T. and Columbia now offers an immersive and interactive sustainable art & fashion pop-up exhibition called ‘Up Down’.

The exhibition invites 10 talented artists and designers from all over the world to discuss sustainability and educate participants on how creativity can help us be more sustainable. The talk series’ include topics such as: Innovative Approach, Creatives, Zero Waste, Human Nature, Fashion Art, Technology and Sustainability.

The Fashion Plate
Sustainable design by Parson’s student Ji Won Choi.

During the month, the exhibition also carries different eco-brands to support designer’s eco-effort.

On Friday and Saturdays, fashion design students from Parson will share upcycle alteration tips, teaching participants how to breathe new life into old clothes.

To attend the sustainable fashion pop-up exhibition in NYC, visit Updown.NYC.

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