LaQuan Smith Debuts 1st High Fashion, Wearable Tech In Homage To 1960s Freedom Fighters.

LaQuan Smith with Winnie Harlow at the Spring 2019 runway show in New York (photo: courtesy)

LaQuan Smith the designer known for his over-the-top looks takes high fashion design into the entertainment technology space. The New York based designer revealed a glowing, gold mesh bodysuit on a model at his atelier earlier today. The beautiful one-of-a-kind design was created in homage to 1960s freedom fighters. Their mugshots were elegantly collaged as a print onto the stunning one piece.

The Fashion Plate
LaQuan Smith’s iridescent tech mesh body suit features a mugshot collage of 1960s freedom fighters.
The Fashion Plate
LaQuan Smith’s iridescent tech mesh body suit features a mugshot collage of 1960s freedom fighters.

“Wearable Tech” so far has been used almost exclusively for fitness clothing. There has been some gimmicky tech fashion at big industry events but primarily meant for display, or as stage costumes for musicians. This is the first high fashion, wearable tech street wear that we’ve ever seen before.

The experimental bodysuit could easily be styled with denim or tuxedo pants making it a versatile piece for the daring fashionista who loves to be the life of the party, no matter the time of day. The only question we have for LaQuan Smith now is how soon can we get our hands on one. We want to glow up too.

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