The Best New Breakfast Drink For A Minimalist Meal Lifestyle.

I am all about the simple ingredients when planning my meals. Most of my dishes can be made with 4, no more than 6 ingredients. My minimalist meal lifestyle initially began due to a lack of skills in the kitchen and it eventually turned into a preference. After years of 4 ingredient meals I now have a healthy repertoire of fabulous recipes I rotate from summer to fall, all within my ingredient limits. But I’m always on the hunt for more which is why I was delighted when health guru Hannah Brofman talked about her favorite new breakfast drink, celery juice.

I know what you are thinking – ew – but according to Mrs. Bronfman this clean green juice fills, detoxes and satisfies the body all at the same time.

The best news is the recipe is simple. All you need is 3 cups of celery, 1 cup of water and a blender. Easy. To spice it up add lemon juice and cayenne pepper, or if you want a sweeter version add apple and ginger!

Photo by Allison Marras

As a rule of thumb begin with 10 ounces or less, this potent detoxifyer will run straight through you.

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