While every influencer is posting the old, new Dior saddle bag, Bella Hadid served fans a fresh, new accessory instead- the Dior iPhone case. The supermodel’s recognizable profile and sleek, new bob haircut was the perfect backdrop to showcase the sleek accessory.

Bella Hadid with the new Dior ‘ iPhone case.
Dior Phone Case, around $300 (contact your local boutique for sales info.)

Bella Hadid shared the photo in her Instagram stories right before 100 influencers simultaneously debuted the Dior saddle bag on their Instagram accounts as part of a new, global sales campaign.

If you are leaning towards the iPhone case as well (much more economical), you kinda need the shades too. Don’t you think?

Dior ‘Summer 2018’ Club House sunglasses (Contact your local boutique for sales info.)

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