You Won’t Believe Gucci’s New Art Project With Illustrator Angelica Hicks

Gucci commissioned Angelica Hicks the “cheeky” British illustrator on an exclusive line of limited edition t-shirts for  Announcements for the project, out yesterday, were made via a 3 story graffiti wall resurrected in downtown Milan and New York City.

Gucci Tweets Hicks’ illustrated graffiti wall in New York City

Hicks gained the attention of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele when her cheeky, punny Instagram illustrations of fashion brands, insiders and influencers turned into a book. The book of illustrations introduced in April released by Laurence King feature a selection of her drawings. The book titled “Tongue in Chic” is a spirited selection of satirical watercolor paintings.

The project began thanks to a couple of models, you might know them, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

“I’m told that it really gained momentum when Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid regrammed my drawing,” Hicks said in an interview with WWD. “Gigi and Kendall were announced by Victoria’s Secret as models in the show. Shortly after they posted my drawing of the two of them done up as secret service guards, called Victoria’s Secret Service.”

Victoria’s Secret Service drawing by Angelica Hicks

“I guess Gigi followed me because of Amy Astley — I’m assuming this is why she followed me — I did a drawing of her, that was ‘Kiss My Astley,’ and she reposted it, and then Kendall Jenner reposted it as well. And that’s when it really gained momentum.”

Before long the popular artist was commissioned by Porter Magazine to illustrate London Fashion Week, and then by Tory Burch to create invitations. After, Hicks found herself sitting front row at Gucci and the rest is history.

Gucci Tweets Hicks’ illustrated graffiti wall in downtown Milan

The exclusive limited edition T-shirt collection features 11 of her watercolor and ink drawings that are a satirical spin on fashion and pop culture inspired by Gucci’s aesthetic.

Angelica Hicks Limited Edition T-Shirt for Gucci with cardboard insert featuring all 11 drawings

One of the drawings included in the project is an original from Hicks’ Instagram drawings.

The t-shirts portray colorful characters and ironic commentary. Only 100 pieces of each design have been produced, and similar to an art print each T-shirt is numbered. The organic cotton T-shirts are folded around pieces of cardboard with removable die cut images of all 11 illustrations, then placed in a matching vintage-style metal box.

You can only get them online so visit for more details!


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