Gigi Hadid’s New Photography Gig With Versace Makes Us Ask, Is Gigi The Model To Change The Industry?

It’s safe to say that Gigi Hadid is one of the most well-known models on the planet. The super-model credits her discovery and subsequent success to her Instagram account, Hadid has over 30 million followers.

“It’s a way that people get to know us other than a face on a page,” Hadid said of her Instagram popularity during a chat with André Leon Talley. “We are given the opportunity to spread our wings in so many different industries because people get to know us; they start to understand different levels of our personalities and our talents.”

What the 21-year old elder Hadid is talking about are the opportunities the model receives as a social media influencer, most recently the opportunity to shoot current boyfriend, singer and Versus Versace’s guest designer, Zayn Malik, for a proper Versus Versace campaign.

As reported by Hypebae, Hadid recently photographed a topless Zayn Malik for the new Versus Versace Spring/ Summer 2017 campaign.

Even more recently, it was announced that Gigi will again be stepping behind the camera to shoot the summer edition of V magazine. While there aren’t too many details yet, Page Six reports that it’ll be “an intimate look at her private world” featuring the likes of Mario Testino, Olivier Rousteing, Karl Lagerfeld and sister Bella Hadid. Here’s the official announcement from V:

The subject of much criticism from her weight to her ‘social media queen’ status Gigi none-the-less stands her ground about her success as a model and a social media celebrity, “Obviously, Cindy [Crawford] and Claudia [Schiffer] and Naomi [Campbell] — no one can do it better than them in the time that they were in,” Hadid told Talley, before adding: “I think that the reason why Kendall and Cara [Delevingne] and Karlie [Kloss] and I are kind of … able to have this moment right now is because the industry needed a change to be able to welcome in another generation.”

In reality the model life outside of the “Supers” category is documented as quite grim. Starvation, child labor, sexual abuse and grueling hours for almost no pay are common stories. Gigi Hadid in many ways is a model blueprint for the next generation. A new generation with more power to make change in the fashion industry for greater equity and better work conditions.

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

2 thoughts on “Gigi Hadid’s New Photography Gig With Versace Makes Us Ask, Is Gigi The Model To Change The Industry?

  1. This post is fabulous, hun! It is so damn good. You are a great writer and blogger. Love Gigi Hadid and V magazine, too! I have been reading it since it’s Spring issue with Kate Bosworth on the cover back in 2007. It is a gorgeous magazine!!!

     If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    It is as edgy and cool as V magazine itself!!!

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