‘Lokomotion’ By Vendulka Prchalová

Vendulka Prchalová, one of this year’s new talents at the DMY Festival, stands out as an exceptionally dynamic sculptor. A student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Prchalová has already amassed a considerable portfolio.

Her latest project ‘Lokomotion’ is an exploration of the table’s form and concept. Construction made of prefabricated parts are assembled based in relation to a customers choice of a zoomorphic form applied to the wooden table.

Vendulka Prchalová “Lokomotion”

Prchalová’s artistic design approach is a unique new voice in the world of interior design. For instance, this project began out of a desire to understand the idea of social connection – more importantly, broken social connections.

This project was focused on kind of playing with symbols. I try to find understandable symbols for anyone – saucer and tea cup, plate and table. I take these simple symbols and recreate them to an object whilst loosening their attributes of use or meaning. Somehow I create friendly nice-looking still-life where something was actually wrong… Something that made the installation kind of disconnected with reality.

Vendulka Prchalová



The conceptual Czech designer also experiments with different features in glass and wood to create distinctive interior decor settings, balancing between sculpture and design.

“The Mist Project” combines glass and wood – as seen in the Scandinavian glass-making tradition. Light shapes of the glass objects are visually docked in the ash base, gaining stability.
The wooden base can substitute a small low table, for instance if you like to sit on the floor.
Glass shapes are decorated with white spots – like “Mist”. The decorative surface offers interesting views to the structure of the base, reminding landscape emerging from a fog.

Vendulka Prchalová


Artist Vendulka Prchalová

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