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Dining Out & Clean Eating At Hally’s London

Whether you’re detoxing, in training or just generally trying to look after yourself, there’s no reason for eating to be dull nor does it mean that you cannot dine out; you just need to know where to go.  In major metropolitan areas restaurants are popping up introducing clean eating in fun ways.  Case in point, Hally’s London, a Californian-inspired hangout in Parsons Green.  Their mission is all about innovative, fresh food, expertly-made coffee & a relaxed vibe.


The menu at Hally’s has a lovely mix of yummy and healthy items; from porridge with almonds, berries & honey for breakfast to dinner courses that feature salmon poached in aromatic stock with fennel, black olive, salsify, rocket & salsa verde.

And their weekend brunch is supposed to be killer.

Hally’s London in Parsons Green
60 New Kings RoadLondon SW6 4LS
+44 (0) 203 302 7408

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