Amsterdam’s venetian inspired ‘George’ eatery

dam-images-daily-2015-06-san-george-san-george-amsterdam-01San George is the first Italian-cuisine offshoot of the popular Netherlands-based ‘George’ restaurants. Opened at the Amsterdam Stadhouderskade by owners Niels Reijers and Colette van Eembergen, the modern-day classic Italian eatery is located in the heart of the city center in Amsterdam and has become a hotspot for Sunday brunch.

San George serves a Venetian-inspired menu with authentic Italian dishes meant to share.  Chef Luca de Santis features a menu range from Seabass in Salt to a Whole Roast Leg of Lamb, which must be ordered 24 hours in advance. Other specialty items include Burrata di Bufala, Bistecca Taglia, and home-made pastas that can be enriched with truffle.

The interior, designed by Framework Architects, blends industrial cool with 1950s glamour. The inspired space is outfitted with colorful velvet and leather seating, metro tiles, brass details, and vintage light fixtures by Serge Mouille. The graphic patterns and bold colors blend with accents of French vintage lamps, large palm plants, classic bistrot chairs, vintage barstools and photography by Slim Aarons.


Address: Stadhouderskade 7, Amsterdam

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