A Candyland of Bold Animal Friendly Furs — Alabama Muse Fall 2020.

Alabama Muse Fall 2020 (photo: courtesy Alabama Muse)

By Lucas Pantoja

Milan, Italy — In what now seems like a classic tale, the film Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder, tells the story of a young boy named Charlie, whom fueled by his interest in the allure of a mysterious wizard-like persona named Willy Wonka and the desperation to save his family, embarks on an adventure into Wonka’s world of eccentricity. Full of vibrance and color, the film takes its viewers on a psychedelic trip into candyland, into the mind of Wonka and the world he created himself. At the scene of the collection presented by Alabama Muse, in a suite at the Grand Hotel et de Milan — guests were taken into the world of creative director Alice Gentilucci; who similarly to Wonka, filled a room with candy (literally) and her own ensemble of characters.

Alabama Muse fall 2020 presentation hosted at the Grand Hotel et de Milan (photo: courtesy Alabama Muse)

Of course, what [Gentilucci] brought to the experience was an arsenal of animal friendly furs, and instead of having oompa loompas dancing in her entourage, she had a crew of “underground angels’ led by masked Italian artist/rappers and a provocateur name “Myss Ketta”.

For those unfamiliar with Alabama Muse the brand was created by Alice Gentilucci out of her passion for exquisite furs but overshadowing love for animals and her desire to obtain animal friendly furs of an undifferentiated quality from natural products. Thus, in a similar fashion to one of Wonka’s candies coming in various flavors, Gentilucci’s animal friendly furs come in a unique variety of designs and colors.

In this latest collection we find pieces made in mongolian and kidassia coming with a color palette of emerald green, lilac, purple, yellow, Big Babol pink, and biscuit brown. The silhouettes are kept slim and oversized. We find additional details featured on various pieces, like the sequin embroidery as seen on the cotton-candy-like pink coat. The real curveball thrown, comes into play with the suspenders featured on the insides of coats, allowing for the outerwear to be styled and worn in numerous ways. In regards to the sustainability and construction of the furs, they are artisan-made and of a self-extinguishing, flame retardant Japanese modacrylic fibre.

Alabama Muse fall 2020 (photo: courtesy Alabama Muse)

 While many of the garments may appear to be too mogul, UGK-like, or Cruella Deville channeling for some. The softer gems of the collection would have to be the cream chanel coat and the brown tribal-pattern coat with a bow tie closure *chef’s kiss*. But for those fur lovers eccentric enough, the full-fur looks would surely slay — whether enroute to an NBA game, or going full Missy-Elliot-2000’s-diva energy on the streets.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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