Hugo Boss Selects Sustainable Designer For Vendée Globe Race Boat Squad.

Icy conditions, towering waves, and roaring winds – a Vendée Globe race boat must endure the toughest conditions in the sailing world. The Vendée Globe is the only non-stop, solo manned, around the world race without assistance. It is known as the Everest of the Seas. And although as many as 20 skippers line up at the start, as few as 11 may cross the finish line. For the second year Hugo Boss confirms yachtsman Alex Thomson who crossed 2nd in the 2017 race.

And to support his efforts, Hugo Boss selects sustainability designer Karim Rashid to brand the Imoca 60 race boat.

Designer Karim Rashid and Boss yachtsman Alex Thomson (photo: courtesy Karim Rashid)
Designer Karim Rashid (photo: courtesy Karim Rashid)

Karim Rashid is a leading expert in his field. Karim has over 4000 design projects including the newly acclaimed HILL8, a renewable and eco-friendly real estate development. For Hugo Boss, Karim worked alongside Alex Thomson to create the inimitable look for the IMOCA 60 yacht.

Designer Karim Rashid and Boss yachtsman Alex Thomson (photo: courtesy Karim Rashid)
Designer Karim Rashid and Boss yachtsman Alex Thomson (photo: courtesy Karim Rashid)

The boat is made entirely from carbon fibre. The organic polymers are reliable, durable and lightweight. And the material is not painted; the colors come from the carbon itself. Even the Boss logo is made from carbon fibre, allowing it to be a structural element for the first time. All of this reduces weight and maximizes performance.

Our design takes direct inspiration from the attributes and weave of carbon fibre, making it the focal point of the design. The lines in the pattern speak to each individual fibre found in every carbon strip that makes up the overall weave. The result is a hypnotic, endless weaving of lines that gives the boat a strong yet delicate nod to the fibre, which also elegantly addresses the theme of reduction.

Karim Rashid

The Vendée Globe race starts at the Bay of Biscay and ends in the Northern Atlantic. The new HUGO BOSS yacht will join the start line on November 8, 2020. Watch the Hugo Boss IMOCA 60 race boat launch for the first time and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below.

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