Joan Cornella’s Exhibition For SCOPE Miami Beach Explores Human Nature.

Joan Cornella cover

New York Times featured artist Joan Cornella is set for his first solo show during SCOPE Miami Beach. SCOPE is an emerging contemporary art program that takes place right before the Art Basel Miami season in December. For SCOPE, Joan Cornella will showcase his signature creepy illustrations exploring the grim reality of human nature. Cornella is one of SCOPE’s morbid selections this year, other dark artists exhibiting are British graffiti artist D* Face and artist/ hacker Thomas Webb.

D*FACE artwork (photo: courtesy of StolenSpace Gallery)
D*FACE artwork (photo: courtesy of StolenSpace Gallery)

Joan Cornella is a Catalan artist most famous for his set colors and his characters disturbing stillness which mimic 1950’s advertisements. Cornella uses the morbid atmosphere and creepy happy faces to mock society and human obsessions. And no topic is off limit which means he often offends people. But it hasn’t stopped major magazines such as La cultura del Duodeno, El Periódico, or The New York Times from featuring his artworks.

Artwork by Joan Cornella (photo: courtesy GR Gallery)
Artwork by Joan Cornella (photo: courtesy GR Gallery)

In addition to 25 selected pieces, the GR Gallery announced Cornella will debut two new unseen artworks. The Joan Cornella solo exhibition during SCORE Miami Beach starts December 3 and ends on 8th.


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