Nanushka Designs A Cool New Sustainable Fashion Line For Men.

Nanushka's new sustainable fashion line for men.

Fashion label Nanushka began as a modern, day to night wardrobe, sustainably made, for women. But men also purchased the minimalist designs which prompted Nanushka designer Sandra Sandor to create a fashion line for men. The first collection, a free-spirited mashup of 70’s style silhouettes, launches this fall. Take a closer look at the new line and see my Editor’s Picks below.

Harry Styles-like appeal

Nanushka Fall 2019 collection (photo: courtesy)
Nanushka Fall 2019 collection (photo: courtesy)

For Nanushka’s new menswear line, Sandor focused on simple and timeless designs opting for functionality over trends. The minimalist designs come in a soft, neutral palette for easy mix and match styling. She smartly incorporated sensible, high-performing Japanese textiles for coats, trousers and sweaters. And responsibly sourced silk-blend fabrics for easy t-shirts, knits and accessories. The entire collection gives off a chic, Harry Styles-like appeal.

Sandor designed the collection in Budapest and produced it in Europe. She worked with certified sustainable fabrics, including vegan leather and faux fur. This will appeal to the conscious shopper who’ll turn the tag and read the design ingredients.

“I design for the modern human who is respectful of others, of different cultures, and desires to explore the world and constantly seek new challenges. This human cherishes the planet, … likes functionality and values modern spirituality.”

Nanushka designer Sandra Sandor

Genderless Style & Flair

Nanushka Spring 2020 collection (photo: courtesy)
Nanushka Spring 2020 collection (photo: courtesy)

Nanushka presented the men’s and womenwear line together during New York Fashion Week. For both collections, Sandor played with masculine and feminine shapes to create genderless pieces with style and flair.

I really feel that’s where we are going, and where fashion is going—in a genderless direction”

Nanushka designer Sandra Sandor

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Nanushka collections are stocked in over 30 countries internationally including specialty shops and traditional department stores, as well as ships to 100 countries worldwide.

Below are my Editor’s Picks from the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 collections.

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