Stella McCartney Designs A Refillable Lipstick Case For La Bouche Rouge Paris.

Le Bouche Rouge refillable lipstick case by Stella McCartney (photo: Le Bouche Rouge)

This afternoon luxury beauty brand La Bouche Rouge Paris promoted their new refillable lipstick case designed by Stella McCartney. The company posted an announcement to Instagram featuring the new case in a campaign. The video includes two girls at the beach in Stella McCartney swimsuits dancing in the summer sun.

The post not only thanked Stella McCartney for her design but also for her consultation. Stella McCartney, who accepted a new position as a sustainability consultant to LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, is renowned for her commitment to sustainable design.

Huge thanks to Stella McCartney for her invaluable guidance in developping our vegan case.” – La Bouche Rouge Paris

La Bouche Rough Paris is one of the few luxury make up brands that promote ethically sourced ingredients and plastic-free, refillable cases.

The brand’s website states Le Bouche Rouge formula’s avoid PMMA* micro-plastics. The ingredients are natural anti-oxidants and free from beeswax, animal fat, parabens and paraffin.

Le Bouche Rouge refillable lipstick case (photo: Le Bouche Rouge)
Le Bouche Rouge refillable lipstick case (photo: Le Bouche Rouge)

This latest specialty design with Stella McCartney includes a heartfelt incentive to purchase. For every lipstick sold the company will provide 100 liters of safe drinking water for a child.

La Bouche Rough Paris lipstick is sold in contemporary stores like Barney’s New York, Harrods London and Lane Crawford Hong Kong.

Chloë Sévigny lipstick, ‘Chloë 01’. (photo: Le Bouche Rouge)
Chloë Sévigny lipstick, ‘Chloë 01’. (photo: Le Bouche Rouge)

Former brand ambassadors include style icon Chloë Sévigny and model Anja Rubik.

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