The Edit: Fashion’s Hottest Trend, Barrel-Leg Jeans.

Barrel-leg jeans by Mother of Pearl (photo: courtesy)

The inspiration for this week’s style edit is minimalist lifestyle guru Vanessa Hong, aka The Haute Pursuit. Today The Edit borrows inspiration from her style for a sustainable make-over of one of fashion’s hottest denim trends, the barrel-leg jeans.

The Haute Pursuit for Sustainability

Vanessa Hong is a veteran blogger and advocate known for her commitment to clean fashion and sustainable design. A few years ago she re-imagined her online shop to focus on sustainability. The brave decision could have been a career killer for the longtime blogger who admits she makes a living off her influencer position. Too this move came before sustainable fashion websites like Reformation caught the eye of Meghan Markle and changed the perception of sustainability.

Vanessa Hong, The Haute Pursuit (photo: courtesy)
Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit (photo: courtesy)


But Vanessa Hong still made the switch. And her passion for sustainable fashion, design and living paid off in the form of a chic new fan base and invitations by fashion, hotelier and design companies asking her to represent their wares.

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit. (photo: courtesy)

But lest we forget, what launched Vanessa Hong’s career was her indelible style. And she is still one of the most noted style influencers on the internet. This makes it very difficult to edit her style. Nevertheless, we look at The Haute Pursuit’s denim past and offer a sustainable update fixed on today’s hottest denim trend, barrel-leg jeans.

The Edit: Barrel-leg Jeans

Until recently, denim took a backseat in fashion as simple, tailored trousers took over. But as retailers and brands began to invest in sustainable fabric innovations, like taking ocean’s plastic and turning it into denim textiles, creating low water use techniques, and developing organic denim options, the pendulum began to swing back toward denimwear.

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Through the ever trendy style of fashion guru The Haute Pursuit we share barrel-leg designs with cropped hemlines for a fresh style perfect for summer and all through fall.

Vanessa Hong, The Haute Pusuit (photo: courtesy)

The Edit: Barrel-leg Jeans

M.I.H. Jeans, $270 USD (photo: M.I.H.)
M.I.H. Jeans, $270 USD (photo: M.I.H.)

Key Brands/Influencers: Totême, Lemaire, Everlane


Key Details/Washes: High waists, cropped lengths. 1990s stone and mid-washes, white and off-white looks. Recycled yarns, ozone and laser treatments, cellulosic fibers and organic fixing agents for sustainable ranges.

White Denim

Everlane cotton denim in white, $78 USD (photo: Everlane)

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Utility style denim

Lemaire Paris cotton denim, $280 USD (photo: Lemaire Paris)

Classic Denim

Elena skinny straight cotton denim, $88 USD. (photo: Elena)

What’s your favorite? Drop a comment in the section below.

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