Massimo Alba Spring 2020: Clothing for Comfort, Clothing for the Soul.

Massimo Alba Spring 2020 (photo: courtesy)
The Review by Lucas Pantoja

The Massimo Alba Spring 2020 presentation during Milan men’s fashion week was not lacking an ounce of soul. Press reviewed the new collection while treated to the soft, euphoric-enhancing sounds played by cellist Issei Watanabe.

The soul full collection was inspired by a trip Alba took to Kos, an ancient Greek Island off the Anatolian coast of Turkey, and the alluring, broken-in quality of aged design he witnessed there.


To create the comfort collection Alba worked with experimental dyes and fabric treatments. Many of the garments appeared as if they’d existed for years and were only just seeing the light of day. The cotton and linen pieces especially were wrinkled to a crisp.

Massimo Alba Spring 2020 (photo: Lucas Pantoja)
Massimo Alba Spring 2020 (photo: Lucas Pantoja)

But fans will appreciate Alba’s relaxed and unstructured pieces, especially the easy suiting and the softly-tailored jackets. Also of note were the single layered, “summer cashmere” t-shirts and soft knits.

While it isn’t clear if ivy or prep fashion was on the designer’s mind, the pink cashmere sweater and blazer had me seeing images from Take Ivy.

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As for the color palette the designer used sapphire, terra, veronese green, and touches of purple and pink. The hazy color mix stood out on a pair of illuminous purplish-black, double-dyed slacks and soft-baby-blue corduroy trousers. There was also a surprisingly elegant, iridescent, purple collared shirt.

On a different note, a series of handkerchiefs [the brand’s signature], each with their own philosophical phrase, were created in collaboration with Swiss artist François Berthoud.

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Alba chose six ink-and-pen drawings from Berthoud’s sketchbook archives to feature in the collection.

“I do not have time for things that have no soul.”

The phrase above was printed on a handkerchief beneath a yawning cat. As I think back on that quote in particular, it sums up what many people (myself included) have been feeling these days. Whether from indulging in the au courant fashion spectacles coming out of the industry lately or interacting with any negative person or thing for that matter, I too am ready to take a hard pass.

I’ll also call out the age of mass online consumerism and all of our records a tap away on Spotify. And the new brands popping up on Instagram left and right as wells as target marketing & data collection via our iPhones.


But if you need to find soul in something I recommend picking up a simple, comforting, Massimo Alba handkerchief next time.   

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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