At Paris Fashion Week Designers Start A Romantic New Trousers Trend.

Paris Fashion Week Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: Chanel)

Paris Fashion Week was all about romantic, feminine, chic trousers.  Designers showed exceptional artistry, especially in the complex patterns made for work and weekend, sculpting designs in wool and gleaming silk.

Perhaps influenced by the 18th century Romantics generation and their fascination of the artisticliterary, musical and intellectual world around them, what resulted was a fall 2019 season of multiple trends, largely positive, creating the most contemporary and idyllic designs.

Next fall when the leaves change color and the air turns crisp you’ll want these trousers for your stroll along the Seine, for early Saturday lunches, for bike rides through the park, or for taking a latte outside at your favorite cafe.

From shear organza for day to warm and cozy leg warmers for work, these are the trends that set the Paris fall 2019 season apart. Will you wear them?

Shear Glory

Feminine, soft, semi-transparent organza is a favorite for evening and wedding gowns.  For fashion week, designers used the strong and durable fabric for long, fluid trousers. It was easily the most fanciful and the most forward thinking aesthetic from Paris.

Warm & Fuzzy

Plush wool and cashmere leg warmers produced in fabric and tonal harmony to trousers and suiting for the Beautiful People fashion show was more about style than design, but it was so feminine and comforting we had to add it to the trends list.

Floral Form

Folk and country prints for dresses and skirts was a big trend this season. But at the Beautiful People fashion show they touched upon something noble. The prints used for close fitting trousers and body suits placed new emphasis on materials, confronting feminine silhouettes, inspiring awe. 

Soft Puddles

One of our favorite design trends this season was the blissed out Ibiza pants in flowing wool and silk which appeared graceful, chic and undeniably romantic.

Customizable Demi-Couture

Cyclas presented demi-couture style pieces made with great details. Discrete, hidden zippers along the bottom of trousers allowed for custom clothing, giving freedom to the imagine to wear them as you see fit.

Equestrian Inspired

Stirrups are most commonly associated with the supporting, light-weight ring that aides a rider to mount and steer a steed. This season designers applied the functional stirrup to a luxurious velvet trouser creating a refined, cozy, and feminine new design.

The Fashion Plate
Cyclas Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: courtesy of Cyclas)

Transformational Trends

The Fashion Plate
Àcheval Pampa Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: courtesy of Àcheval Pampa)

The Modern Gaucho

Paris designers took the historic gaucho trouser and skillfully designed it in natural wool, silk, and leather. This easily transformed the simple, country design into suitable work and city weekend wear depending if you wear them with heels, flats or boots.

The Fashion Plate
Louis Buchinho Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: courtesy of Louis Buchinho)

Dramatic flair

One of the best new styles this season was inspired from the “classical” art and culture of theatre and architecture drawing upon figures from classical antiquity. The cinched ankle trousers re-created in a relaxed easy shape was a style not seen in decades.

Reclaimed Corduroy

Woven fabrics in corduroy was the prêt-à-porter fabric of choice, designers used the naturally luminous fiber to recreate luxury trousers in a multitude of styles.

The Fashion Plate
Cyclas Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: courtesy of Cyclas)

Country Girl Femininity

Designers at Paris fashion week took inspiration from country wardrobe staples designing classic items in quality fabrics. Expect the heritage patterns used for garden coveralls and easy wide-leg pants to create a burgeoning new aesthetic trend.

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