Fashion Week

Starlet Glamour: Elisabetta Franchi Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Elisabetta Franchi designs attract Hollywood starlets like Britt Baron and TV personalities like Jana Kramer and Nicole Scherzinger for red carpet and off red-carpet looks.

This is the hallmark of the brand, designer Elisabetta Franchi isn’t just a red carpet designer, Franchi offers women glamour whether their lives have them walking the red carpet or not.

For fall/ winter 2019-20 Elisabetta Franchi dishes a new retrĂ²-elegance circa the 1960s. Expect the glamor girls to surprise the paparazzo wearing mod-ish tweed in multi-colored galaxy colors and shocking volumes.

This is a new uniform for the designer, an unexplored area of fashion. Elisabetta Franchi supposed more geometric patterns and played more with volume reshaping stiff tweed into more feminine shapes.

Strong fuchsia and Kermit shades of bottle green, blue and jade on mini skirts, squared dresses and jumpsuits broke up the predominate palette of butter and ivory.

Elisabetta Franchi has always been prescriptive with her collection and this season is no exception. Each model walked with a full look including lunar-metallic footwear, ceremonial style helmets, matching gloves and belts, complimentary pouches, and golden accessories.

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