The Biggest Trends: Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Not too long ago g-string denim was a thing. And while it never made it from the fashion blogs onto the street the extreme Japanese design consumed the fashion circuit. It also raised the question regarding denim design stagnation and whether the classic working man’s fabric was relevant any more.

Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20 took up the challenge introducing a split level denim sure to insight new conversation and also make it into buyers books for production.

The Fashion Plate
Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20

The clever raw denim in blue, bottle green and black is a multi-function piece that acts as trousers or skirts, as they are meant to be stacked and layered. The strategic cutouts allow you to change the shape and look of the denim, hiding or unveiling as much or as little as you prefer.

The Fashion Plate
Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20

In addition to this cool new design, Marios introduced a number of trendy, Instagram worthy fashion items in pop and neon colors.

Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20

The style references Europe’s techno music scene including duffle coats and sleek rain coats, bat shape bombers in shiny nylon and military twill, cotton sweatshirts and silk dresses. Much of the crochet knitwear, a signature of the brand, came from the Marios archives.

The Fashion Plat
Marios Fall/ Winter 2019-20

New fashion designs for fall included a maxi t-shirt, woolly fitted dresses, and cheeky banana bright leggings worn with turtlenecks in nude and black mesh. These drop style elements serve as basics meant to build and customize your look beyond the techno cool kid vibe from the show.

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