Protect & Nourish: Hui Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Hui Fall/ Winter 2019 (photo: courtesy HUI)

The HUI fall/ winter 2019-20 collection is a celebration of technical fashion. The wearer of a HUI garment should be prepared to have people ask for an up close inspection often wanting to touch the liquid material or even becoming too intimate asking to be shown the whereabouts of seams and zips.

The Fashion Plate
Hui Fall/ Winter 2019-20

This need for familiarity with HUI designs is exactly what the architect/ designer had in mind. For fall, designer Zhao Huizhou is inspired by the essential need we have for clothing to protect the body but she takes things further transforming her designs into a beautiful work of art that nourishes the mind.

The Fashion Plate
Hui Fall/ Winter 2019-20

For the aesthetic Zhao Huizhou embraces the simplicity and cleanliness of Italian fashion, Italian design techniques, and construction and merges it with ancient Chinese aesthetics and emblematic symbols. Figurative embroidery related to the sustainable development, tradition and protection of woman’s value and the Chinese ethnic minorities are transformed into closures and clasps held close to the body.

The Fashion Plate
Hui Fall/ Winter 2019-20

The HUI collection is majorly designed in natural fibers. Huizhou overlaps cashmere wool with immaterial, almost evanescent, plissés for skirts. And translucent silks to natural alpacas for coats and suiting. Technical wool heated to an impalpable sheer organza are designed into tunics and trousers, while iridescent velvet embroidered with shiny sequins illuminate fluidity on feminine dresses.

A versatile and elegant collection, both personable and purposeful, the HUI fall collection meets the workday and weekend needs of a powerful woman or active socialite.

The Fashion Plate
Hui Fall/ Winter 2019-20

The brand can safely transfer these designs to the archives as one of their most iconic collections to date. As for you, I suggest you follow their Instagram for news when the designs will be available for purchase. A single look is all you’ll need to last a lifetime.

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