Before The Show: Antonio Marras Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

Before the show: Antonio Marras backstage.

Imagine entering an artist’s studio and inside the industrial space is a living room and a large workshop. There are worn couches, ruined day beds, and broken armchairs. There are blankets, shawls, and scarves draped over sofas and lamp shades. There are desks, tables and delicate china cabinets filled with menagerie. There are paintings on the walls and piled high on the floor, they are also on easels and on benches. There are large windows from where light filters in revealing so much dust it seems suspended. There are stained sheets from coffee, old newspapers, yellowed photographs and letters, lots of love letters. There are palettes, brushes, and paint colors. Tempera, pencils, wax crayons and chalks, many and all arranged in cups, jars, pots and chipped glasses.

This was the scene inside the Antonio Marras atelier transformed into an artists studio from the early 1900s. Take a look at the lovely chaos, beautiful sets, and get a close look at the beauty and fashion photographed right before the show.

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