Fairy Tale Allure: Genny Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Genny Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: courtesy)
Review by Lucas Pantoja

Winter romance, from a mature fairy tale about a queen dripping in luxuries, dashingly seductive, and as bourgeoisie as they come — it sounds rather cliche, and it is. But it’s also quite self aware and attractive. This was the mood coming off the runway in Milan’s Palazzo Reale during the latest Genny Fall/Winter fashion show.

It appeared as if creative director Sara Cavazza Facchini was channeling her inner fantasy-Disney princess as one by one a unit of glamorous and highly feminine dresses, suits, and furs stepped under the spotlight.

The Fashion Plate
Genny Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Inside the collection we found a series of silky gowns, blanket-like coats, sheer tops, and fur heels. Details included heavy embellishment with Swarovski crystals, unique placements of fur over garments and accessories, as well as fuzzy mohair-like hoods styled underneath the elongated outwear.

As for the colors, we found a blend of snow white, frost blue, rose red, and total black. In typical Genny fashion, the collection came jam-packed with allure, and made a suiting wardrobe for the true women of glamour; dining fancifully in the city whilst turning heads in the VIP lounge.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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