A Noble Style Of Dress: Luisa Beccaria Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Luisa Beccaria Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: courtesy)

To preview the Luisa Beccaria fall 2019 collection journalist, buyers and socialites were invited to their atelier located in the heart of Milan’s Brea district. Upon arriving to the destination I was blocked from the entrance by a very large crowd. Socialites and fashionista’s were floating about in Luisa Beccaria gowns, nobly balancing in stiletto heels on the ancient Milanese cobblestone streets, and had sent photographers and eager passersby into a frenzy.

This all made for a maddening experience to reach the showroom entrance but once inside I was awed by the space. Now emptied of its workshop’s contents the Luisa Beccaria atelier was transformed into a winter garden replete with fall trees and winter flowers wound about a lattice gate.

As I took my seat and the lights dimmed, a procession of four models wearing Luisa Beccaria’s latest designs walked out the ornate facade and into the garden. Once each model took her station, a single model made her way down the runway.

The Fashion Plate
Luisa Beccaria Fall/ Winter 2019-20

In traditional fashion, Luisa Beccaria presented a series of romantic dresses, skirts and formal gowns typically worn by women with a privileged lifestyle. The whimsical designs recalled a historic time when fashion dictated what a lady wore for tea, or dinner, or a formal evening out.

For fall, the collection was designed in heavy materials such as silk damask and velvet. There was also a surprising selection of knitwear and heritage suiting designed in wool.

The Fashion Plate
Luisa Beccaria Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Designers Luisa Beccaria and Lucilla Bonaccorsi kept to their love affair with floral patterns and feminine lace which dominated the collection. The more simple dresses in monochromatic colors were also ultra-feminine designed in shimmering silk and satin.

The color palette was equally romantic featuring powder blue, liquid grey, light salmon and forest green (note: trendy pop neon colors were no where to be found).

Clearly Luisa Beccaria knows their audience. They design for the girl that still believes in dressing for where you go, not for convenience or trends. And whether you agree with their philosophy or not, considering the street style show before the show, the brand clearly has a dedicated clientele.

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