For Slow Trips & Leisure Time: Gentryportofino Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Gentryportofino Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: courtesy)

Gentryportofino is a luxury label you’ve never heard of and all by choice. Until now Gentryportofino has been an insider brand for the Italian elite, that is until the newly held owners at Olmar and Mirta S.p.a decided to expose their brand to a wider audience.

On February 20th, during Milan Fashion Week, the Gentryportofino Maison uncovered their privé club house doors and officially presented the brand to the fashion industry.

The Fashion Plate
Gentryportofino Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: Yang Yang)

Gentryportofino President Gianbattista Tierelli explained the decision saying the historical brand has been on a journey to find the right fit for it’s knitwear artwork and to decide how to present itself to the world.

For their first presentation Gentryportofino invited the press to their private “Garden Club”, an enlightened society on a quest for aesthetics which requires an exclusive card to get in.

The Fashion Plate
Gentryportofino Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: Yang Yang)

The presentation was a dreamy promenade designed by Co-Creative Directors Matteo Smaniotto and Gianbattista Tierelli’s wife Mirta Rana. Editors were transported to the villages of the Cotswolds, known as the British Beverly Hills.

The Fashion Plate
Gentryportofino Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: Yang Yang)

The central idea behind the presentation was the pure aesthetics of Gentryportofino’s deluxe knitwear developed for the refined woman. Models were grouped and paired in four sections, each of their looks inspired by the collection: from sinuous and green-hued Scotish knitwear to country chic dresses.

The Fashion Plate
Gentryportofino Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: Yang Yang)

There were braided thick pullover wool sweatshirts for leisure time and timeless Scottish tartans and brûlé hues warmed up by feuillage nuances in perfect Old English style.

The “slow trip” included mini fine breaks during the day featuring Italian products both in food and knitwear. Chef Carlo Cracco curated a selection of canapes, light finger foods, and classic Italian beverages.

As editor’s milled about and photographers eagerly snapped models wearing the luxury designs the buzz amongst the crowd was Gentryporofino’s first foray into fashion society was a success that will surely bring a broad new clientale.

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