The Modern Uniform: Arthur Arbesser Fall/ Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Arthur Arbesser Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: courtesy)

This season, Arthur Arbesser chose to focus on the modern uniform for his latest collection. The fashion forward assemblage of separates appeared cool and comfortable on the runway. The designs were feminine without being too girlish. And the use of unique natural fabrics such as classic Tuscan Casentino and handwoven Austrian wool triggered a strong bourgeois mood.

The distinct color palette, a signature of Arbesser’s designs, moved between cream and rich brown, balanced by lilac, gold, and full-bodied reds. The rich color saturated fluid silk dresses and the smooth cotton suiting.

Arbersser presented a refreshed version of the traditional sheath dress remaking the elegant design from silk jacquard. Viennese fabric mill Backhausen created the exquisite material. Backhausen craftsmanship dates back over 165 years and 7 generations. The family owned company has a rich history dedicated to ‘the art of weaving’.

The Fashion Plate
Arthur Arbesser Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Arbesser complimented the modern uniform with architectural earrings created by returning designer Nathalie Jean. The architectural accessories echoed the abacus print on cotton poplin and jersey blouses.

The Fashion Plate
Arthur Arbesser Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Fun, approachable, and chic, the Arthur Arbesser fall 2019-20 collection was a new way of uniform dressing. It was a little fifties and a little nineties with a focus on clean lines, womanly proportions, and pop colors.

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