Alberto Zambelli Fall/Winter 2019-20 Collection.

Alberto Zambelli Fall/ Winter 2019-20
Review by Lucas Pantoja

“Miles upon miles of vast blue nothingness, altering from shades of dark navy to celestial and a rustic gold which sits deep beneath..” While thinking of the sea and how I myself might elaborate on it poetically in a fashion collection this is what comes to mind, and generally when thinking of any body of water the color blue always makes an appearance; but that didn’t seem the case for designer Alberto Zambelli in his Fall/Winter 2019 fashion collection.

Instead, rather than the usual references of color found in clothing inspired by the sea (blue, gold, coral etc.),  Zambelli channeled the soft ripples which accompany mother nature’s fluidity and the organic hues that lay beneath the saltwater. An orchestra of loose silky garms flowed down the runway reminiscent of an eels sleek movements or the fingers of Bill Evans stretching across the keys on a piano.

The collection was primarily composed of dresses and blanket-like outerwear pieces, all cut into wavy silhouettes. Particular intricacies include sheer tops that twist, curve, and knot at the front like the body of a seashell, as well as origami-like cutout patterns which dance across fluffy garments.

The Fashion Plate
Alberto Zambelli Fall/ Winter 2019-20

Different shades of white contrast one another throughout the collection, accompanied by the pure tones of seaweed, beige, tobacco, metallic silver, and fresh salmon.

Almost if not all of the looks were styled with sparkling silver socks and pastel or neutral colored sandals.

The Fashion Plate
Alberto Zambelli Fall/ Winter 2019-20

While the body of work Zambelli presents is an elegant take on one of nature’s highly attractive beauties, this is a winter collection and besides a few heavier coats, wearers might struggle to keep warm while sporting many of the looks presented.

But where practicality is lacking, beauty exceeds and the glistening image of Zambelli’s collection is sure to make waves come winter formals and bourgeoisie Christmas trips to the beach.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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