Top Fall 2019 Menswear Trends from New York Fashion Week.

Top Fall 2019 Menswear Trends From New York Fashion Week. (photo: The Fashion Plate)

The top fall 2019 menswear trends, tweed jackets and breeks toppled camouflage print and Timberland boots that have been in heavy rotation since the early 2000s. Designers went back several centuries and resurrected elements of dandy fashion, merging high design with modern street wear.

The nostalgic style promoted bucolic fashions and hand-made crafts purposely defying disposable pop-product designs. One could imagine avid sportsmen, nature walkers, and connoisseurs of fine liquors attracted to this style. The urban dweller who enjoys planting Crème de Cognac dahlias during the coldest winter months. Who lives in a home with simple, easy, bespoke interiors and accessories.

To honor these champions of urban living designers created normcore menswear designs as sustainable basics, made luxuriously with high quality textiles and natural materials. This meant tech fabrics were used less often than merino wool.

Designers muses included artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Pablo Picasso.

The Fashion Plate
Jean-Michel Basquiat in a heritage wool suit (Photo: Internet)

More modern muses included gents like Timothée Chalamet and Brooklyn Beckham.

The Fashion Plate
Brooklyn Beckham with Chloe Moritz (photo: Internet)

The more sartorial designers found inspiration in the most edgy and risqué influencers like Luka Sabbat and EJ Johnson.

The must have pieces from the fall 2019 collections, regardless of style, were the high-waist heritage print trousers and modern calf-length knickerbockers in pure wool.

If TFP Shop! offered one of these styles as an option which would you be most psyched to see in our store? Let us know in the comment section below.

Other covetable apparel from NYFW fall 2019 menswear collections were concept t-shirts in organic cotton, anything in acid yellow, and we highly suggest investing in a vintage velvet blazer.

The Fashion Plate
Todd Snyder

Take a look at the top trends from the NYFW fall 2019 menswear collections and don’t forget to comment below.

Stable Basics

The Fashion Plate
Bode Fall 2019 Menswear

This season designers created a range of transitional menswear staples that were stylish and comfortable. Fashionable sweatshirts, tweed and knit gilets, elegant cardigans, simple sneakers, and a standout anorak by Ovadia And Sons with leopard print faux fur were all bona fide essentials you’d wear all year long.

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Relaxed Work Wear

The Fashion Plate
Sundae School Fall 2019 Menswear

CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg have unapologetically done away with traditional suits and ties in exchange for a more comfortable and often times casual style. This has had a big impact on menswear design. The new suiting boasts more contemporary tailoring from loose flowing kimono style jackets and coats to flowing palazzo trousers.

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Blue Collar Prep

The Fashion Plate
Plim Fall 2019 Menswear

Designers took a fresh approach to preppy fashion offering functional designs associated with blue collar workwear. Sporty trousers and jacket designs were create in luxurious fabrics.

A sort of past meets a sustainable future, designers elected to blend fine English heritage checks and luxe knitwear with cropped wool trousers and functional tech jackets.

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Velvet Crush

The Fashion Plate
Krammer Stoudt Fall 2019 Menswear

In The Theory of Everything Eddie Redmayne starred as a young Stephen Hawking. A scene in the film had the famous physicist riding his bicycle through Cambridge appearing dapper in a ribbon-trimmed blue velvet blazer. This season velvet made a come back as the cool new textile for day and evening wear.

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Urban Drops

The Fashion Plate
Kozaburo Fall 2019 Menswear

Drops such as unisex t-shirts, cotton jersey sweatshirts, and simple wool trousers are now guilt free basics (as they are often sustainably made) you’ll want to buy all year long. Designers integrated concept drops into their fall 2019 fashion week collections not only to establish a regular bond with brand fans but also to relieve your already too-chaotic closet from fashion overload.

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Macro Color

The Fasion Plate
Dyne Fall 2019 Menswear

Bold, bright color has been trending in menswear fashion for a few seasons now, since 2016. Yellow is by far the dominant color trend in all four fashion capitals. For the fall collections designers took the sportive color and applied it to coats, jackets, and trousers in all manner of fabrics including knit, cotton, silk and wool.

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Corduroy Refined

The Fashion Plate
Krammer Stoudt Fall 2019 Menswear

At one time corduroy was the preferred alternative to velvet as the starch fabric was more resilient. Cord is a textile composed of woven, twisted cotton or wool. But as menswear fashion focused more on white collar style, corduroy was perceived as stuffy and unrefined and fell out of fashion.

But in 2018 Miuccia Prada used corduroy as the primary textile for her fall menswear collection and the textural wonder was a hit. This year designers took a leaf from Prada’s book creating chunky patterned jumpers and suiting in winter white, neutrals and shimmering bright colors.

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Not So Basic Wool

The Fashion Plate
Paloma Spain Fall 2019 Menswear

Top menswear trends embraced color and natural wool designing quilted CPO shirts, patchwork jackets, and wool mélange trousers with a heavy drape. The quilted CPO overcoat by Todd Snyder was identified as an essential item for a man’s wardrobe.

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Evolved Elegance

The Fashion Plate
Paloma Spain Fall 2019 Menswear

When Timothée Chalamet wore a bejeweled harness to the Golden Globes this year it became the most Instagrammable look from the awards ceremony. GQ hailed the risky Louis Vuitton ensemble as the future of men’s fashion.

Chalamet’s sartorial look was the first time we’d experienced great new design in a long time. This season designers took note of the welcoming attitude and presented more conceptual evening wear. Most looks would appeal to the country or city dandy.

What did you think of our top fall 2019 menswear trends? Like or share in the section below.

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