Nudging The Classics: Eleventy Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

Review by QC Humphrey

The Eleventy fall 2019 collection takes us on a journey where bright color, sophisticated tailoring and classic style designed in Lora Piana cashmere is the look of tomorrow. Corduroy and pullovers are extremely important this season, they have a classic feel and offer a bit nostalgia.

Eleventy reintroduces the excellent American prep look of white, wide wale corduroy – which is timeless; however, at Eleventy it feels fresh for a new generation. The collection is surprisingly affordable for the average man and would appeal to men with a more substantial income.

The suits are British-inspired from traditional heritage designs worn by the Prince of Wales. Chevron and Hounds-tooth patterns and hand-stitched construction mix with Italian styling and Italian artisan craftsmanship such as soft shoulders and a tapered waist – perfect for that man to show off he has been to the gym that morning.

This Fall/Winter, Eleventy introduces the color black to their collection for the first time.  They believe a small representation of the deep tone works well with their colorful assortment of ruby, copper, orange, and slate.

The Fashion Plate
Eleventy Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: Eleventy)

They also introduce what they call the “Shirt Jacket” which is made from cashmere, wool, and silk.  It is unstructured, wrinkle resistant and lightweight. The silk, cashmere, wool combo is good for travelers as well as a stylish go-to jacket for every day dressing or where a blazer is needed. The new piece will be a reoccurring design to the line.

The Fashion Plate
Eleventy Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: Eleventy)

Another impressive value of the Italian-based brand is their commitment to sustainability. Currently Eleventy has a network of 94 micro-enterprises with unique specialization in production. Eleventy’s supply chain allows one to see how each Italian Maison is involved in every garment and leather accessory made for the brand.

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