Modern Movement: Bed J.W. Ford Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

Review by QC Humphrey

Bed J.W. Ford Fall 2019 is a continuation of creative director Shinpei Yamagishi’s vision to expand the conventional norms of style. From his interpretation of masculine and feminine dress, to his constructive use of draping, Yamagishi places intense focus on the simplest detail from attaching fingerless glovers to outerwear jackets, to reinventing a new wide legged cuffed trouser.  His concept of “dressing up” while exploring innovative design, such as with the below look, leans heavily on draping for the outerwear, and unconventional design elements for separates.

The Fashion Plate
Bed J.W. Ford Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

An oversize pullover was worn over a patchwork dress designed in mixed fabric nylon with a large utility pocket .

The Fashion Plate
Bed J.W. Ford Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

Yamagishi believes it is important how his garments’ fabrics and colors appear on people as they walk the street. This attitude is reflected in the look below with tufted button detail and a sporty jacket that appears to be double-breasted with two large utility pockets.

The Fashion Plate
Bed J.W. Ford Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

The relaxed camel cuffed wide leg trousers of wool will flow and make a natural eco-statement on the street as they did on the runway.  This look combines his preference towards styles that are not easily categorized and his careful balance between formal and casual, masculine and feminine, delicate and rough.

The Fashion Plate
Bed J.W. Ford Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

He fused his own sensitivity and personality and his love of fabric – from light cotton silk, thick wool, elegant satin, and soft leather which he combined with more functional fabrics such as washed nylon, eco-fur and puffer.

He brought together a vibrant color spectrum combining neutrals, gray tones, off white, and black with red, purple, and violet rose.

Yamagishi’s FW 2019 collection for Bed J.W. Ford has accomplished his goal of “dressing up” and insuring that as people walk on the street that his designs, which he does not want to be categorized, are categorized to me, as what people want to wear in this formal and casual world today.

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