Lost In Outer-Space: BIUU Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

BIUU Fall/ Winter 2019/20 (photo: WWD)
Review by QC Humphrey

As I descended a glass staircase following the signs for BIUU, the luxury brand established in Paris, my eyes gravitated towards a crocodile fountain with its mouth open and water flowing from it like a waterfall, giving me the feeling that I was entering the rainforest.  I was attending the BIUU Fall/Winter 2019 Men’s Fashion show and creative director WU HAO was planning to expand my travel experience by taking me to “Lost in Maya Outer-Space.”

The first part of the adventure, outer space began with color constructed on oversize long coats and jumpers made of wool in hounds-tooth pattern, tech-nylon fabrics, and leather.

The Fashion Plate
BIUU Fall/ Winter 2019/20 (photo: WWD)

The first look that gave me the feeling of being outer-space was a tech-nylon red, white, and blue printed coat with a futuristic geometric. It was was worn over a silver zip, collarless black jumpsuit with industrial knee pads.

The Fashion Plate
BIUU Fall/ Winter 2019/20 (photo: WWD)

There were several commercial pieces such as a royal-blue wool long coat with nylon cuff detail and the popular black harness vest with twin diagonal reflective zip pockets. A green knee-length metallic car coat with dual stripes on the sleeve had commercial potential as well.

The few women’s wear pieces were also designed with special details, such as belted cuff sleeves on a double breasted blazer and an acid bright belt attached to a heritage plaid blazer, the unconventional design brought an unexpected level of sophistication.

The outer-space piece that brought the collection together was a red and black Astronaut-style jumpsuit in tech fabric with buckle sleeve detail and an exposed silver zip front.

The Fashion Plate
BIUU Fall/ Winter 2019/20 (photo: WWD)
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