A Winter In Africa: Miguel Vieira Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

Miguel Vieira Fall/ Winter 2019-20.
Review by QC Humphrey

It was a cold night in Milan when I went to the Miguel Vieira Men’s FW 19-20 fashion show.  The inspiration for the collection was “A Winter in Africa.”  As the first model walked down the runway in a sky-blue suit, I saw the vision that Miguel Vieira was communicating to us that night.

The Fashion Plate
First look from the Miguel Vieira Fall/ Winter 2019-20 fashion show titled “Winter in Africa”. (photo: FF Fashion)

He brought us to Africa where as he put it, “Rain and cold give way to warmer, drier days in which the sun never seems to set.” It is refreshing for a designer to step away from the traditional dark fall/winter colors to give us bright colors with geometric elements, ethnic patterns, studio developed prints, and a color hue in a lighter and fresher palette.

The Fashion Plate
Miguel Vieira Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

The slim silhouettes and the strategic placed geometrics worked well with each other when paired together with a different jacket or trousers; however, matching jacket and trousers with geometric designs or prints did not always work.  The dark navy was the perfect contrast for the bold geometric print.

The Fashion Plate
Miguel Vieira Fall/ Winter 2019-20.

The printed sequins tops brought the sun of Africa to the runway.  The brightness of these pieces add depth in trying to create an African winter.  The strength of the print enhanced the glimmering tops.

Even though it is F/W and fur is important for F/W, the fur piece in this collection was a weak piece and should have been edited from the runway.  Overall I was glad Miguel made us take the trip, it was warm fabrics, bright colors, and men without shirts enjoying the sun.

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