Milan Fashion Week Behind The Scenes: Pre-Game Preparation For The Bed J.W. Ford Show.

Review: QC Humphrey

As designer Shinpei Yamagishi walked through the back-stage area reviewing the outfits for his models, the lot of who were relaxing in two rooms down the hall, I was backstage taking photos.  It was ten minutes before the show was about to start and I was one of the few journalists backstage to witness the excitement as well as the calm surrounding this event.  This opportunity to witness first hand was given to me by Nichelle Cole editor and chief of THE FASHION PLATE magazine and it was an honor.

The Fashion Plate
Pre-game, designer Yamagishi walks about reviewing his plays/outfits for his team. (photo: QC Humphrey)

In my life as a seasoned retailer and fashion industry guru working for designer brands with over twenty years experience in the industry, my previous focus was on production, delivery, selling potential and profitability of garments that were involved in fashion shows such as this.

I have been backstage before with female models respectfully averting my eyes as they moved about in all manner of undress while preparing for the show. As a former American high school football player, the models and the behind the scenes reminded me of the pre-game preparation that a coach and his football team go through in order to prepare for the big game.

The assistant coach/coordinator of the show Silvia instructed me to look around and informed me that the team were two doors down. I preceded to review a few plays/show looks and the models who would be wearing them. Then I made my way down to the other rooms where the team was gathered.

Models took advantage of the quiet moment – they were relaxing, texting, reading, or in hair and make up preparing before the show.

The steamer was constantly on, and people shuffled about making the final preparations to the garments before they were delivered to the models.

As the countdown began the relaxed moment disappeared. I entered the locker room just in time to listen to the final instructions by the assistants being given to the team.

The final stages were hectic as assistants dressed the models in pressed, tailored garments before rushing them to their place in line. As with all teams there was a standout player and today this model was the lead contender. He was carefully fitted into his assigned look and walked to his place of honor in the line up.

The Fashion Plate
Key model for the Bed J.W. Ford fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. (photo: QC Humphrey)

Soon after, I was ushered to my seat but before departing I turned for one last look at the back-stage, now empty of people.

The Fashion Plate
Last look backstage before the Bed J.W. Ford fashion show (photo: QC Humphrey)

And then the show began.

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