Comfort And Love For All: Andrea Pompilio Fall/Winter 2019-20.

Andrea Pompilio Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: WWD Japan)

Review by Lucas Pantoja

‘Liebe ist fur alle da’ — There is love for everyone. The German phrase is the title of a classic Rammstein album, and also happens to be the title of Andrea Pompilio’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection. A collection deriving from the very specific inspiration of a late night raver returning from the club, burnt out, and on their way to the market to buy a carton milk. What can be found in the collection itself is a tasty mix of preppy/English dandy elegance with oversized coziness and hints of sporty-streetwear influences.

The Fashion Plate
Andrea Pompilio Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: WWD Japan)

A rather particular collection built up of thick wool trousers, occasionally reflecting with a varnish-like outer, and torn denim shorts that draw to an old school skater look complete all of the bottoms.

Where the heat of the collection really comes into play is in the outerwear and the accessories. Loose hugging overcoats, heavy plaid parkas, and a solar red paisley bandana print puffer jacket, make statements all the while protecting their wearer from the elements.

The Fashion Plate
Andrea Pompilio Fall/ Winter 2019-20. (photo: WWD Japan)

Nothing completes the swaggy looks without the strapped casentino wool slippers and their accompanying socks: true complimentary footwear, whether streetwear is your forte or preppy is the look for you.

Let’s not forget the huge, plaid scarves which could substitute as a possible blanket when needed.

Next Fall/Winter, if you’re a frequent flyer who values the comfortness of their travel garments, or a student showing up half asleep to their 8:30 AM classes, wrapping themselves in oversized fits — This Andrea Pompilio collection might prove useful.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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